Setup.exe - Your Rack Installation Wizard

Setup.exe - Your Rack Installation Wizard

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 (Pictures are symbolic, we made some improvements to the hinge & powder coating in the serial production. Accessories are not included!)

The Setup.exe is the handy tool that makes working on network cabinets so easy. You don't need a second person to hold equipment that needs to be installed. You can use it as a table for your laptop or while terminating patch panels. It also carries your most important tools like a screwdriver, spare cage nuts, cable ties and so on. 

Setup.exe is the ultimate tool for everyone working on network cabinets! 

- Tool Depot: carry your most important tools with you
- Cable Tie Arsenal: tie down anything easily
- Cage Nut Magazine: never search for cage nuts again
- Setup Desk: have both hands free while configuring/terminating
- Rubberised Top: prevents your gear from slipping
- Bolt Plunger: holds the Setup.exe firmly and engages itself
- Even Steven: perfectly balanced for easy use
- Dual Body: light and strong
- Rail Adaptor: adapts to your 19" rail
- Tool Box Sized: fits in your toolbox
- Powder Coated: for maximum durability
- Magnetic Lock: carry it safely 
- Life Time Warranty

Technical Specifications

Setup.exe Dimensions (folded):
Depth: 460mm
Height: 45mm
Width: 55mm

Setup.exe Dimensions (opened):
Depth: 380mm
Height: 45mm
Width: 482.60mm (19")

Aluminium, Stainless Steel
Weight: 800g

Designed in Austria. Made in Germany.