PATCHBOX Cassette with Cat. 6 UTP cable

PATCHBOX® Cassette with Cat. 6 UTP cable

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Additional cassettes for your PATCHBOX® System. Available in several patch cord colors. Each cassette contains a Cat. 6 UTP cable and fits in your PATCHBOX® Frame.

Our UTP flat patch cords, by PATCHBOX®, are 100% tested regarding to ISO standards (ISO Patch Cord Cat.6 1.5m).

Cassette Dimensions:
Depth: 450mm
Height: 40mm
Width: 18mm
Weight: 140g

Cable Specifications:
Cable: Cat. 6 UTP, AWG32, 100% stranded copper, PVC jacket
Connector: RJ45 Unshielded Plug, Pins Gold plated, Snagless Booted
Cable Length: 1.6m
Effective Cable Length: 1.3m (will cover 18RU up or down)

Plastic Parts:

Designed in Austria. Made in Hungary.