Patch cords in the perfect length – anytime

8 x faster installation

The PATCHBOX® comes ready to install. Setups and changes or adaptions can be done 8 times faster than with any other system available on the market.

10 x faster maintenance

The PATCHBOX® brings a never before seen logic to your cabinet, which allows you to replace a switch without any documentation in just 3 minutes!

50% more space

No more messy cabinets

The patching within cabinets needs to be cleaned up every 2-3 years in order to guarantee functionality and overview. This is, due to downtimes, usually done on weekends with two persons and costs therefore a lot of money. With PATCHBOX® you’ll never have to do this again!

Patch cords in the perfect length

Because of the unique design of our PATCHBOX® cassettes you only need to pull out the patch cord length you need. Unneeded patch cord lengths will be pulled back and stored within the cassette automatically.

Designed in Austria. Made in Hungary.

We pay attention to detail and quality. Therefore every single patch cord in our PATCHBOX® gets tested with a FLUKE DSX-5000 before it is shipped to you.

PATCHBOX® vs. Other Systems

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